Tuesday Run Group TRG-180717

A bit about last week

I never quite got around to uploading a report from last week’s run. If you weren’t there (there were 21 of us) it consisted of a longer than normal 6 mile run which took us down the hill at Windgather to the canal at Higher Poynton, and along to the next bridge which took us back into Lyme. It didn’t rain, despite the forecast threatening bad things and we didn’t have the picnic we’d planned as we thought it was going to be a monsoon.

So that was last week. Let’s get things back up to date.

This week

What a lovely day to spend at Lyme today. After the last few weeks of iffy weather, we were treated to lots of sunshine today.

Now whether the weather was the cause, but we had record numbers today – 22 (plus me)

We started out with a warmup, before heading out into Drinkwater Meadow; We’ve come back on this path before but it’s been a while since we’ve gone out that way. We crossed diagonally to the far corner of Drinkwater Meadow, avoiding ‘Darcy’s Pond’ today.


We went over the stile and then back along the ridge next to Cluse Hey, before disappearing into Knightslow Wood. We took the long way around, but rather than going up, we followed the path closest to the boundary wall until we came to the gate onto the Moor.

It was then straight up the Gritstone Trail (the hill known as ‘the Beast’ on Strava) to Bowstones Farm. A couple of the group hadn’t ever seen the Bowstones themselves, so we went to look at the them.

And then it was downhill, all the way! And judging by the grinning of a significant number of the group as they got to the bottom, I think the descent was enjoyed!!

We finished off, as usual, at the Timber Yard for refreshments.

You can watch a video of the route here.

Trust 10

It’s this Sunday. If you’re running, have a great time! The process is slightly different from this month forward. No pre-registration, just sign-in on the day, and when you get back after the run, sign out so we know everyone is accounted for. We’ve done away with the runner numbers and timing as most people who want that info record it themselves. For more info, have a look at our Trust 10 page.

If you want to help with the marshaling and registration, come along to the Timber Yard for 8.15am and we’ll sort out who’s doing what. Chris (Lyme’s Lead Ranger) will be doing the briefing.


Currently we’ve raised £120 so a big thank-you to all who have contributed. A Leadership in Running Fitness course costs £160 so we’re closing in on getting the first course funded.

If you can help with this project please donate. Having more people trained up will help support the group as it grows as well as providing more possibilities of doing multiple groups at different times/days if people are interested.

Fund-raising page is here at this link.

Number of runners – 22 (plus me)
Distance – 3.4 miles (with looping)
Total Ascent – 597 ft
Number of Red Deer seen – 0

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