Tuesday Run Group TRG-040717

It’s July. How did that happen?

21 runners joined me in Lyme Park this morning.
Starting with a warm-up around the mill pond we headed straight over the car park and into Calves Croft. We went straight across the south-side of Lyme Hall and out into Turf House Meadow where we headed up onto the Lower Moor.

I thought we’d have a change and instead of going to the Gritstone Trail path through Knightslow Wood, we followed the lower path which comes out at the gate at the end of Lime Avenue.

We then went around the Wood, taking in the school den-building before getting out over the stile and onto Drinkwater Meadow.

Dodging sheep as we went, we crossed the meadow and looked at Darcy’s Pond.


Going through the gate into Hase Bank Wood, we headed up past Paddock Cottage and enjoyed the view before dropping down the other side and onto West Park Drive. We then followed the #Trust10 signs back to the Timber Yard and to refreshments.


Some of you will know I set up a ‘go fund me’ fund-raising campaign last week. Due to the numbers of people getting involved with #LymeRunners it would be sensible to have a few more qualified Run Leaders available.

The one-day course trains the individual in looking after groups, how to organise sessions and introduces a whole host of things which make looking after a group much more straightforward. The cost of the course is £160 per person and Graham & I have been trying (in vain) to find a source of funding to cover this.

Having more leaders would enable sessions to be run either concurrently (so we could do some training whilst others do a ‘led’ run) as well as potentially arranging sessions at other days and times, something which I know there is interest in, but I simply don’t have enough time to lead myself.

So the campaign is aiming to get funds for up to three courses. I thought it was better to do it this way than do multiple campaigns. Several people have already contributed (a massive thank you!) but if you could help out on this project it ensures we can keep the group viable.

If you can donate to this project, please do. Follow this link to get to the fund-raising page.

Number of runners – 21
Distance – 3.5 miles (with looping)
Total Ascent – 451 ft
Number of Red Deer seen – 0

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