A bit of fund-raising

As it stands at the moment, Lyme Runners has an active membership of about 30 runners and we regularly get 20 or more at our Tuesday Run Group.

We’ve had requests for other days and times for groups to be run as there is a lot of interest in running off-road, especially in places as beautiful as Lyme Park.

The sticking point has always been that we rely on having a qualified leader to look after the group. This is a person who has completed the England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course and has been DBS checked. Basically it’s someone who knows what they’re doing.

As it stands, we only have a single Run Leader. Which has been fine up until now. But as the group size gets bigger, and the needs and expectations within the group also get bigger, this is a bit of a logjam. Having one person only means that they would have to be available at all sorts of times, which simply isn’t practical.

Therefore, we wish to train up a couple more of the runners to the level of LiRF. Not a problem in principle, but it does cost money. As a volunteer group, we don’t have the funds to hand to do this.

Instead, having exhausted various funding avenues, we’ve decided to try to raise the funds via a crowdfunding network. Actually the total amount of money isn’t crazy, £500 will pay for 3 courses.

So if you can help, please follow this link!

On behalf of the Lyme Runners

Many thanks!!

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