Tuesday Run Group TRG-130617

20 of us made it out on Tuesday morning and the weather behaved itself again after a number of rainy weeks (and especially after the deluge that was last week’s TRG!)

In fact the weather forecast was completely wrong (in a positive way) and so I changed my planned route as the trails wouldn’t be the rivers I’d anticipated.

From the Millpond we went up the hill towards the Knott, but turned left at the tree marked for the ‘Blue Route’. Anyway, it was hard work getting there so we made use of a strategically placed park bench.

Rest over, we carried on into Hase Bank Wood and followed the path to Paddock Cottage.

For a change, rather than going down the hill we carried straight on and dropped down to the Brook beneath Cluse Heys Rocks.

Of course what goes down must come back up. And yes, it was a steep one!

Having made it up the hill we had a run across the moorland, following the path all the way to the stile to the Gritstone Trail. But rather than carrying on that route we dropped back down to Poynton Brook where it was rather pretty.

A quick uphill and we went back into Knightslow Wood. We followed the path back to the gate and back down the hill to the car park and for refreshments al fresco!


Number of runners – 20 (plus me)
Distance – 3.2 miles (with looping)
Total Ascent – 538 ft
Number of Red Deer seen – 0

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