Tuesday Run Group TRG-300517

Well it’s been a bit of a break from the regular newsletter due to my general lack of being at Lyme Park in May. Hopefully following today’s physio trip I should be back to normal going forward.

19 runners  joined me in the rain this morning; yes, it had to happen, a wet TRG! But that wasn’t going to stop us; for a start the cafe wasn’t open at that point! So off into the wet stuff we went, starting off with a warm-up around the millpond in traditional style.

With the suggestion of red deer towards the Knott, we headed off in that direction. I didn’t see any. In fact there wasn’t much visible through the rain which persisted all the way to the Knott car park.

Having regrouped it was up the steps and along the top of the hill above Hase Bank Wood until Paddock Cottage appeared through the mist and rain. We had atmosphere today! No view of the Cheshire Plain though!

We went down the hill and along the ridge of Cluse Hey and into Knightslow Wood.

Conscious that we’ve done this route to this point I decided to take everyone through some new paths. So we ascended the Low itself which proved quite a climb for those not expecting to be fighting their way through rogue holly bushes to stay on the path! It did allow me to explain the meaning of ‘Low’ in terms of older English terminology.

Here’s a nice history of Lyme Park though if you’re interested.

We whizzed down the side of the Low to be back at the stile we crossed over. From there it was a run along the path in the Wood to the entrance to Lime Avenue. Some mud was observed but by this time, the rain had stopped!

We ran up Lime Avenue and then returned to the car park and to the (now open) cafe.

Running events in June

There’s quite a lot going on in June running-wise at Lyme aside from the usual TRGs.

Links to all events (bar the BHFR which I’m unsure of) for more information.

If you can’t run but would like to help out with the marshaling of the fell race series, relay or T10, please let me know.


Number of runners – 19 (plus me)
Distance – 2.8 miles (no looping for me this week!)
Total Ascent – 504 ft
Number of Red Deer seen – 0

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Join the Strava group: https://www.strava.com/clubs/lymerunners
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