#Trust 10 – May 2017

We’re a week early with the May #Trust10 event due to next week being the Whitsun Bank Holiday in the UK. Bank Holidays at Lyme Park are generally extremely busy with visitors. Especially if the weather chooses to be nice which, on UK bank holidays, isn’t very often.

So for a change, today was THE day. Dry and bright, the weather was pretty fine for running. There was however, quite a strong breeze. Whilst this is very pleasant low down in the Park, up on the tops, it can be a little ‘freshening’.

141 finishers today and two people who decided to stop (and who told me!) due to not feeling well. That’s always the best thing in the circumstance – we’re here each month so best to get better and then tackle our course about which I overheard someone comment ‘it was fine apart from the two hills’ after they’d finished! 🙂

Here’s a list of the runner times.

Mussie Kassa finished first overall in 40m8s. Not his fastest time, but he is the only person to have gone faster! Lee Ashwood  came in next with a time of 42m50s and Carl Krystek was third fastest at 43m44s.

We only had the bare minimum number of volunteers today (in fact we were 2 short). Obviously the most important thing at the Trust 10 organised events is that we have all the marshaling points covered. In fact, we had to forego the final one (coming into the Knott car park) as we didn’t have enough people. However by that stage the runners are heading straight back towards the main car park so the risk of getting lost is pretty low!

We do rely on volunteers to make T10 happen so if you could help out one month it makes things easier for the organisers and safer overall for the runners.

Timing was a challenge today; usually two people do it so that information about the runners can be recorded as well as the times. I did both today using an app, and whilst in the most part it worked, there were a few shenanigans and a bit of IT rage going on. As such there are a couple of gaps where my phone had a ‘computer says no’ moment. I also discovered it would only take numbers into the app and with a set of running bibs with letters on, it couldn’t take that in. So where there are duplicates, it’s due to this as we’ve got a similar set of numbers without the letter included!

Ultimately that side of things is for the fun of it rather than to be used more formally, and I know most people use their own watch as well so you’ll probably have your time recorded there.

Hope you enjoyed today. Next event is 25 June!



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