Tuesday Run Group TRG-280317

Well we did really well weather-wise again.

We had 21 runners (plus me) today, including two new joiners to the group! As the weather has remained dry for a week, and buoyed by the fact that the T10 course on Sunday was remarkably dry, I decided that we’d do a route into the higher reaches of the Park.

The only (perceived) problem with this route was that there was a lot of uphill during the first 1.5 miles as we went from the car park up through Knightslow Wood (the start of parkrun) before following the Gritstone Trail up ‘the Beast’ which took us to the stile towards the Bowstones.

We continued up to the top of the Higher Moor and looked down onto the Cage in the distance, those who had never been to this point in the Park commented on how little Cage Hill looked in comparison – especially having run only park-way up it last week!

It’s shame the weather wasn’t clearer to get the best of the views, but now you know why I love that part of the Park so much!

We continued along the boundary wall to the edge of Knightslow before heading over the stile and out of the grounds of the Park.


Although the ground had dried out a lot, the fast downhill had a few soggy parts. Having accidentally left my trail shoes at home today, I was soon on my side! The lesson I tell everyone else, learned by yours truly.

On reaching the road up to Bowstones Farm, we headed down to Mudhurst Lane and followed the trail route across the fields back to East Lodge where we were met by a lot of deer.

From there, it was a solid road back to the Timber Yard where refreshments were served outside for the first time this year.

Next week

I’m busy with work next week so will not be at Lyme until the following Tuesday!

Number of runners – 21 (plus me)
Distance – 4.0 miles (without looping)
Total Ascent – 597 ft
% time going uphill – 37% (23 minutes) – 1.4 miles
% time going downhill – 44% (28 minutes) – 2.0 miles
Number of Red Deer seen – 20 apparently. I’ve photographed some of them!

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