Tuesday Run Group TRG-210317

It’s Tuesday and the sun came out for us. And like last week I was on the last minute as I managed to meet up with the new General Manager at Lyme Park. She’s only ever done one parkrun (so far) and immediately afterwards went out to get some trail shoes. Yes, another parkrun debut – at Lyme!


20 runners out with me today, including two new joiners. Trying to pick routes at the moment is really quite tough as the weather is all over the place at this time of year. A nice day today which was preceded by a lot of rain yesterday and overnight. So it’s a tough call as to what some of the trails will be like. As we discovered!

Anyway, we stayed low down in the Park, doing a full loop of the millpond before heading off through Crow and Elmerhurst Woods, essentially the start of the T10 route. So far feet were dry, however, on heading up onto Cage Hill, that was soon rectified!


Once we joined the stony trail, the wind picked up and provided a little more resistance to getting up the hill. So rather than go all the way up to the Cage, I let the group choose the High or Low road. Low Road it was! Not that it was devoid of wind – plenty of that still!


We carried on all the way back to the North Front of the House and at 3.5 miles, with the cold wind still blowing, coffee seemed the best idea. So that’s what we did!

Number of runners – 20 (plus me)
Distance – 3.6 miles (with looping)
Total Ascent – 336 ft
% time going uphill – 33% (17 minutes) – 1.3 miles
% time going downhill – 34% (17 minutes) – 1.4 miles
Number of Red Deer seen – 0

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