Trust 10 – February 2017

I’ll admit from the outset that I’m writing this update completely blind as I was participating in a club race myself this morning. However, Graham was on hand to be Run Director today and to make sure that folks knew what they were doing.

112 people started today’s run and one of those retired during the event meaning that 111 people crossed the finish. A local race (oddly enough the one I was competing in) today reduced the field of runners. Although I saw plenty of familiar faces on the Middlewood Way!

Mussie Kassa crossed the line first in 43m37s. And despite it being slightly slower than last time he crossed the line first, it’s still one of the fastest times the course has been completed. Which given the wind and rain of recent days is a superb run. Stephen Fernley crossed the line next in 48m47s followed closely across the line by Dan Tweddle in 48m53s.

Now a full list of the results can be found here. You will see that we’ve simplified things this month as the results show finishing position, time and runner number only. This is how we’re going to do the results going forward for two reasons.

  • Firstly, this is a run and not a race. Therefore doing a full classification of results is Operation Overkill.  We promote it as a run because it’s not supposed to be competitive in the way that race events are and this hopefully emphasises this point.
  • Secondly, and more pertinently, to do a full reconciliation of the results, plus write up, has in the past taken me about 4 hours. On top of arriving at Lyme at 7.30am to set up and leaving about midday! It just takes up too much of my day off.

Hope you all enjoyed this month, see you on 26 March for the next T10 event at Lyme.

(Lyme Park Run Leader)


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