Tuesday Run Group TRG-210217

Yet again, we seemed to time the weather to perfection today. Dry and warm this morning and by afternoon it’s grey, wet and miserable!

Records fell again today with 22 runners joining me for the weekly bounce around Lyme Park.

Knowing that a good half dozen or more of the group had done the Trust the Trail course on Sunday I wanted to pick a route which would allow them to try out some of the skills they’d learned.

So after a traditional millpond loop, we went up to the North Front of the House and along East Drive before turning off in the direction of Turfhouse Meadow. Having got to the stile we went over and up the side of the Moor to the middle path in Lantern Wood. We stopped at the Lantern before continuing on the path through the Wood to Caters Slack.

Caters Slackprovided a nice downhill section for the group to practice on. And all in all, things looked pretty good with most people running down it much more confidently than I’ve seen previously. In fact the only bit that caused a problem was the mud pool surrounding the stile at the bottom!

We headed back up to East Drive and having played chicken with a tractor we went up to the Cage. My original plan had been to go straight back along Cage Hill back to the cafe (which would have got us in for 11am) but the group had other ideas. In the end Tim  took one group back along this route (several of those runners needed to get away promptly) whilst I went with the remainder down the other side of Cage Hill to Admissions and then back through Elmerhurst Wood.

As usual, we finished the session in the Timber Yard cafe!


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