Tuesday Run Group TRG-070217

After last week’s wet weather, it appeared that it was business as usual for TRG today with clear blue skies, no wind and lots of sun. It had rained cats, dogs and deer overnight though so the ground was extremely soggy.

In unprecedented scenes, we started by running the opposite way around the millpond. I’m not sure what came over me. Still, having done a full loop we took the direct route up to the Cage leading to someone commenting that I must be having a bad day! On the contrary – the sun was out and the hills were there waiting to be run up!!

After last week’s weather bashing visit to the Cage, today was far more pleasurable. We even tried a ‘jumping for joy’ photograph in front of it, the result of which can only be described as ‘interesting’!

Having done some uphill, we went down the steep drop to the stream and then slip-slid our way up the very muddy other side! And following the deluge of deer, some were still out in the deer sanctuary, posing in only the way that Red Stags can do!

We then headed along East Drive back towards the Hall before heading left behind the Stables and to the edge of the Moor. Having grouped everyone together we headed along the base of the Moor until we reached the gate into Knightslow Wood.

Another opportunity for a group photo (improved by my being behind the camera!) and then straight through the Wood and down the path towards the Timber Yard, where drinks were duly found!


Number of runners – 21 (plus me)
Distance – 3.6 miles (with looping)
Total Ascent – 368 ft
% time going uphill – 52% (27 minutes) – 1.7 miles
% time going downhill – 23% (12 minutes) – 1.1 miles
Number of Red Deer seen – 6

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