Tuesday Run Group TRG-310117

Well today we didn’t get the weather all our own way. Or any of our way.

I arrived at Lyme Park at 9am as normal and decided that my planned route for the day would probably not work. By 9.45am I questioned if anyone was actually going to turn up, such was the weather.

16 people showed up, 2 new to the group!

Normally we hang about a bit, but today it was just too cold and wet to do this so we headed off around the mill pond.

The route was actually the first part of T10 – down through Crow and Elmerhurst Woods to Admissions before heading up Cage Hill.

Some of the group sheltering from today’s ‘light breeze’

I’ve always said that you’ve not truly run in Lyme Park until you’ve had the wind & hail treatment on the top of Cage Hill. I reckon today counts for that!

From there it was a strong breeze back to the cafe!

Number of runners – 16 (plus me)
Distance – 3.2 miles (with looping)
Total Ascent – 318 ft
% time going uphill – 34% (16 minutes) – 1.1 miles
% time going downhill – 38% (17 minutes) – 1.4 miles
Number of Red Deer seen – 0

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