Trust 10 – January 2017

It’s the start of a new year and it’s the first T10 of it too. And it snowed. A bit.

As the third and final leg of our running weekend at Lyme Park (following Park Run yesterday morning and Night Run last night) there were a few familiar faces as some brave people had tackled the lot. Kudos!

And there were Deer too. But they didn’t collect a number at the start so are not included in the results…

A bit of admin (part 1)

With 158 finishers this was our biggest event yet. You’ll see a link to the results at the end of the post (and it’s on the main T10 page). There’s a few things not quite right which I need some help with. Leigh Aspin (1015) finished the course twice apparently (very impressive but I’m not sure it’s right) and there’s nobody registered with number 1046! There’s a few people who I’ve not got recorded as crossing the line, so if you finished and you’re not on the list, send me a message (with number and time) so I can correct things.

Run highlights

The first three finishers today were all first timers to the course! Grant Mitchell came in first with a time of 44m58s followed in by Simon McGlone (46m08s) and James Cooper (46m40s).Janet Grint led the female runners home with a time of 52m17s, followed in by Jennie Pickard (53m55s) and Louise Watkins (54m04s).As mentioned above, 158 runners were recorded crossing the line which is our biggest yet. The last two to return were Ian and Eve Taylor, who acted as our ‘tail runners’ to make sure we knew nobody got left behind.  You’ll have seen them earlier helping out with registration. Which leads on nicely….

A bit of admin (part 2)

As you are probably aware, Trust 10 relies on volunteers to make it happen. I’ve mentioned Ian & Eve, but also thanks to Jo, Kevin, Susan, Tim & Lesley.

Had I known ahead of today that including myself we’d only have had 8 volunteers, we would have considered canceling the event today.

To cover all bases, we need 10-12 volunteers. We just about managed today but it was a push with most people having to take on two (or more) roles.

I know we have a regular core of runners at the event, so please, if you could perhaps spare a run one month to help us out with the marshaling, it ensures we can continue running Trust 10 at Lyme Park safely.


We had Simon Plumb taking some photographs today at the event. Once they’re available, I’ll get a link to post on here so you can see the results. In the meantime, have a look at his work on his Facebook page.


The results for today’s event can be found here.


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