Tuesday Run Group: TRG-170117


It was a bit murky today. The cloud had very much decided to sit on Lyme Park. At least it managed to stay dry despite this.

17 People in the group today including 4 first-timers.

Due to the soggy conditions off the tarmac, the warmup consisted of a millpond loop – simple running to warm the muscles before getting into our stride.

We then headed to the Stables building before running up and along Cage Hill, which was surprisingly less soggy than I’d been expecting. From here we followed the trail directly towards East Drive alongside the deer sanctuary, where we were lucky to see about 11 stags generally not doing a lot quite close by.

From here the group followed the trail onto Caters Slack, taking the lowest path into Lantern Wood. To add a hill for those who wanted it, we did the steep incline from the lower path up and around the Lantern. A trip across Turf House Meadow was rather ‘Bambi on ice’ for the group due to the amount of very soft mud on the approach to the edge of the Lower Moor..

Returning to the solid path we headed back to the Timber Yard which we did a reasonable job of taking over despite other customers trying to join in!

Number of runners – 17 (plus me)
Distance – 2.8 miles (with looping)
Total Ascent – 290 ft
% time going uphill – 32% (15 minutes) – 1.1 miles
% time going downhill – 47% (22 minutes) – 1.2 miles
Number of Red Deer seen – 11 (ish)


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